Workshop with real estate sector aiming to increase level of AML/CFT awareness

With a goal of maintaining a continuous and effective dialog concerning the implementation of the provision of the AML/CFT Law by the real estate sector, the Office organized an workshop in cooperation with EU  AML/CFT High level advisor.
Within the workshop the head of Supervision and Compliance division of the Office, have presented the manual for the application of the provision of the AML/CFT measures by the DNFPBs sector elaborated by the Office with the assistance of the EU CoE project CLEP:
During the workshop took place discussions on technical compliance , according to the pct. 16-18, Section IV from the Instruction on the way of fulfilling and submission of the special forms on the transactions that falls under the provision of the AML/CFT law,
The EU High level advisor,  dl. Igoris Krzeckovskis, have presented topologies and case studies of the STRs with the implication of the real estate sector.
In the same time the goal of the workshop was to improve the communication and dialog with the real estate as a reporting entity by that ensuring the rising of efficiency in the implementation of the AML/CFT provisions.

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