Vice prime-minister, Minister of Finance, Mr. Serghei Puscuta had a meeting with the Chairperson of MONEYVAL, Ms. Elżbieta Frankow-Jaśkiewicz

Vice prime-minister, Minister of Finance, Mr. Serghei Puscuta had yesterday 21 of November, a meeting with the Chairperson of the Committee of experts on the evaluation of the anti-money laundering measures and the financing of terrorism (MONEYVAL), Ms. Elżbieta Frankow-Jaśkiewicz.

The Director of the Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering Mr. Vasile Sarco, participated at the event.

At the beginning of the meeting the Minister of Finance stated that the economic security of the state is a priority in his activity and that efforts will be made to implement the international standards for preventing the money laundering and terrorist financing phenomenon. In addition, the efforts of the Government are oriented towards the realisation of measures on implementing the recommendations of Moneyval assessors within the framework of the 5th Mutual Evaluation of the Republic of Moldova.

In turn, the Chairperson of Moneyval highlighted the successful approval of Moldova’s assessment report during the plenary meeting and mentioned the necessity to combine the efforts of state authorities in order to implement the recommendations of the 5th Mutual Evaluation Report of the Moneyval Committee.

Ms. Frankow-Jaśkiewicz saluted the initiative to update the strategic objectives of the Republic of Moldova, through the creation and subsequent approval of the new national strategy in this field, update of risks at the national level, as well as improvement of measures for mitigating the identified risks in the area of preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

At the same time, the Vice prime-minister, emphasized the importance of the European course and the commitments assumed by the Republic of Moldova through joining the OECD CRS network, as well for adjusting the legal framework in the field.

The Director of the Office, mentioned the impact of new technologies in the field, which in the context of current challenges at international level, impose the regulation on the circulation of virtual assets, which is at the moment a concern of the national authorities.

The Moneyval Chairperson stated the enhanced importance to implement the provisions on combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the creation of an efficient mechanism, according to the recommendation of the assessment team.

As a conclusion, the Minister of Finance, emphasized the high-level commitment on implementing the international standards and ensuring the efficient application of AML/CFT principles, which represent a priority of the Government and responsible state authorities, especially because of the impact of the performed activities on the economic development processes in the Republic of Moldova.

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