EU TWINNING Project - Press Release March 2019

Three missions of experts took place in March 2019 in Moldova, as part of the Twinning Project “Enhancing the System of Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in the Republic of Moldova”.

The First Mission of experts from Germany and Poland took place between 12 - 14March 2019, represented by experts from Germany – University for Public Administration in Bremen and Poland – Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance.

The visit was part of Component 7 – Improvement of the system for prevention of terrorism financing, including control of physical cross-border transportation of currency and bearer negotiable instruments. The aim of the mission was to assess the functionalities and effectiveness of IT systems of public institutions involved in CFT activities: to understand the data exchange between FIU - ISS and CS – FIU, to analyze the systems, formats and procedures used for CFT purposes and risk analysis, as well as the measures for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of the above-mentioned procedures.

The Second Mission took place between 25-29 March 2019 and was represented by Polish experts from the FIU, Ministry of Finance. The Mission was part of Component 4 – Development of the AML national supervision mechanisms for banking, non-banking sectors and non-financial businesses and professions. The aim of the mission was to assess the effectiveness of primary or secondary legislation of supervisory authorities related with the AML/CFT are, to identify legal and procedural shortcomings and to propose recommendations for development/improvement of new guidance.

The Third Mission took place between 25 – 29 March 2019 and was represented by four experts from the Supreme Court of Justice of Lithuania. The mission was part of Component 6 – Improvement of the AML/CFT field in the justice system. The aim of the mission was to process and analyze the results of previous missions in order to prepare the State-of-the-art report.

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