The business Society involvement in implementation the AML/CFT provisions

On February 12th  The Office organized an workshop for 25 representatives of private sector  building companies, car dealers  on the rising efficiency on implementation of the  AML/CFT provisions.

 Within the workshop were discussed practical aspects of implementation of the provision of the Instruction on application of the art.4 para.(1), letter l) of the Law nr. 308/2017, approved on September 2018, as well as the identification of criteria of STRs.

 The Instruction of the Office approved on 17th of September , establish measures that should be applied by the new reporting entities that effectuate cash transactions more than 200000 or its equivalent as well as specify the categories of goods and services that can be subject of reporting especially real estate, cars, touristic vouchers, high value goods.

 In the same time were analyzed the CTRs reported t the FIU by building companies and car dealers discussing the correct format of their submission.

 It should be mentioned that in accordance with the implementation of the provision of the Vth EU Directive the AML/CFT Law includes a new category of reporting entities “natural and legal personas that buy and sell goods in cash more than 200000 lei or its equivalent”.




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