The practical application of the provision of the AML/CFT provisions by the auditors and auditing company

On July 10th, the Office for prevention and fight against money laundering, alongside with 40 auditors, participated within the webinar organized by the Association of Auditors and Auditing Companies AFAM.

Within the webinar were discussed the practical application of the AML/CFT Law provision with the aim of efficient implementation as well as the new legal provision on sanctioning regime, recently adopted by the Parliament.

Practical aspects related to implementation of the AML/CFT provision have been discussed within the webinar as well as the new strategic priorities of the Office that target the elaboration of the regulation framework for implementation of Law 75/2020 on the procedure of establishing of the violations of the AML/CFT Law and the application of sanctions as well as the amendment of the AML/CFT Law 308/2017 in accordance with the MONEYVAL Vth round Mutual Evaluation Report.