Live webinar for the EGMONT GROUP HoFIU on FinTech and Virtual Assets

During the period of July 8th-9th, the management of the Office participated in the FinTech and VA webinar.

During the 2-day webinar were discussed subjects of interest related to the VA and VASP for 164 FIUs members of EGMNONBT GROUP.

Introductions to VAs and VASPs: terminology, AML/CFT regime, vulnerabilities stemming from VAs, the revised FATF standards and their impacts of interaction with VASPs sector were some subject discussed within the thirst day of the webinar.

National and international cooperation, operational aspects related to transactions with VA were presented by similar FIUs representatives.

It should be mentioned that the implementation of the FATF Rec. 15 represents an immediate priority for the common activities developed with foreign counterpart organizations.