Working meeting on National Risk Assessment

On 04.03.2020, in the context of the National Risk Assessment, a working meeting of the Service with the representative of the group leaders, “Banking Sector Vulnerabilities”, “Vulnerabilities of the Securities Sector” and “Vulnerabilities of other financial institutions” took place.

During the event, the representatives of the National Commission of the Financial Market, the National Bank of Moldova, the National Coordinator of the National Risk Assessment process and the representative of the Service expressed their common objective in order to streamline the process of updating the risks in the field of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Also the High Level Adviser of the European Union delegation, Mr. Igoris  Krzeckovskis, participated  within the meeting. He recommended the use of the supranational risk assessment of the European Union adopted on 07.07.2019, in order to facilitate the analysis of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

At the same time, we it should be underlined that the process started at national level will be based on the same methodology of the World Bank which will be extended with the recommendations of the MONEYVAL Committee 5th Round Mutual Evaluation.

Following the event, the task and terms regarding the allocation of institutional resources as well as the accumulation of information data necessary for their implementation within the National Risk Assessment have been established.